Progressive Teaching: Seeing Failure as a Stepping Stone

During the summer vacation, I reflected on the previous school year, considering all the things I could have done better. From my research, I saw many things I had done wrong. Because of the chaos in my classroom, I developed the wrong attitude. I became bitter at myself as well as the children. Teaching wasn’t something out of a fairy tale store. Teaching was a growing process, involving many challenges each day in the classroom. Great teachers become that way for a reason. They achieve excellence and consistency by learning from their failures day after day, week after week. They stumble, recover and learn from every mistake, every weakness and every challenging situation. Recovering from failure and moving on is the prerequisite for becoming great.
The second year of my teaching brought me several rewards, including the teaching of the year award and as well as the most improved teacher. The skills that I had learned from failure and the new mindset I had adopted provided created a new perception of who I was and the responsibility in my hands to shape the life of others.

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